grocery haul of the week: july 7

You can call me a nerd if you like (it’s OK, lots of people do), but I’ll admit it: I freakin’ love grocery shopping. No, really–it’s one of my favorite things to do. While other people might get a pedicure or go to a yoga class to relax, I prefer to mosey through the aisles of a supermarket. I also find it fascinating to see what foods other people buy on a regular basis, so I thought I would bring back one of my favorite genres of posts from my previous blogging days: the grocery haul.

On this particular day, I shopped at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods–you know, fulfilling that “healthy living” stereotype like a champ. (For the record, I also regularly shop at Aldi, Publix, and Target). This haul is a good mix of old stand-bys and new-to-me items. Details below!


I buy quite a bit of produce each week (duh), but this week that was particularly true. Trader Joe’s has the best prices on organics around here, so I tend to load up while I’m there.

dairy + eggs

-eggs: We eat a lot of eggs around here, mostly in scrambled form for breakfast, but also hard boiled for snacks and baked into cauliflower pizza crusts.

-lactose free milk: For Seth.

-unsweetened almond milk: A Broccoli-Hut staple. I use it in coffee, spinach smoothies, and just drink it straight.

-2% Greek yogurt: I’ve finally converted Seth to the plain yogurt lifestyle. When we first started dating he thought it was disgusting, but now he packs it for lunch every day with some berries on top. #wifewin Also, for those of you keeping track, the Whole Foods 365 brand is the lowest in carbohydrates of all the Greek yogurts I’ve seen (7g per cup).

-liquid egg whites: I’ve been buying these for the sole purpose of pancakes. The recipe I like uses a lot of egg whites (which makes them delightfully fluffy), and I never end up using the leftover yolks for anything.

-goat cheese: I found some goat cheese in the fridge at my parents’ lake house last week, added it into my scrambled eggs…and discovered a new favorite breakfast (see it here on IG).

-shredded mozzarella: I actually didn’t realize that this was “lite” mozzarella until I took these photos. It’s pretty low-calorie (45 kcal per 1/4 cup), so I’m a little nervous it will be rubber-y. Oh, well–rookie mistake!

-cheese sticks: These are go-to items for Caleb’s lunchbox. I’ll also often grab one (or two…) and a handful of almonds as a snack before preparing dinner.


-roasted chicken strips: Seth packs a salad for lunch most workdays, so these are an easy source of protein for him to add. The ingredients are the same as what I would use at home–olive oil, salt, and pepper–so I feel comfortable giving them to Caleb too.

-chicken sausage: This will end up in a zoodle dish with some marinara and mushrooms. I’ve been craving it!

-sriracha hummus: Our two favorite condiments in one! It does have 1g sugar per serving, but it’s nice to change up our hummus selection on occasion.

dry goods

-La Croix: Yes, we, too, are members of the can’t-live-without-La Croix club. It was $2 off at Whole Foods this week.

-almonds, cashews, peanuts: Another set of necessities in our household. I don’t typically keep crackers or chips on hand, so we rely on these instead as snacks.

-marinara: A lot of marinara/pasta sauces have an annoying amount of sugar in them, but this variety has only 3g per 1/2 cup. Hopefully it doesn’t taste like feet.

-almond, sunflower seed, and peanut butter: Don’t judge me, OK?

-no-salt-added tuna: Alright, I’m pretty picky about my canned tuna. Almost all brands pack them in a broth that includes soy. I try to avoid soy (I think it interferes with my thyroid regulation, plus the general health effects are bit mixed). So in order to avoid said soy, I’m largely limited to no-salt-added varieties (that don’t use a broth).

-olives: Another fatty food…so of course I can’t live without it. (See this post for details!)

-everything but the bagel seasoning blend: I put this on pretty much everything these days, from scrambled eggs, to salads, to salmon. Highly recommend!

-dark chocolate: I have a “row” of this chocolate most nights after dinner as my sweet treat.

frozen foods

-butternut squash: Not exactly a seasonal item, I know, but still incredibly nutritious. I pick up a bag of frozen vegetables for Caleb’s lunchbox each week, and this was today’s selection.

-carrot spirals: I’ve never tried these before, but I’ve seen lots of food bloggers rave about them lately. I never saw a carrot I didn’t like, so I’m interested to give them a try.

Have you discovered any fun grocery finds lately? Let me know below!

4 thoughts on “grocery haul of the week: july 7

  1. Random Q but what’s your strategy in choosing organic or not. I see a few organic things in your haul but mainly not. I shop at TJs for 90% of our groceries but have to go to other stores just to fill in the gaps of things that TJs doesn’t offer in organic.


    • Honestly, I don’t really have much of a strategy–I’m kind of all over the place. For produce, I tend to buy organic for the items that are either notorious for pesticide residue (e.g., celery) or for which there is only a minimal upcharge for organic versus conventional. I prefer to buy organic meat too, but I have to operate within the limits of our budget and the amount of time I have to devote to shopping around various grocery stores, kid-free (about an hour on Fridays). As with most things, some organic is better than none, in my opinion!


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