plastic-free july

In case you haven’t heard, single-use plastic items are pretty uncool these days (see here). I’ve been trying to do my part to use more environmentally-friendly household solutions, and as it so happens, there’s a whole campaign called Plastic-Free July. This infographic has some good suggestions for how to participate, and I thought I would share some of the things we’ve been trying to replace single use plastics.

reusable zip-top bags

Several months ago, I heard about Stasher bags, which are heavy-duty silicone, reusable zip-top bags. They seemed like a great idea (considering the likely hundreds of Ziplocs I’ve sent in Caleb’s lunchbox over the past two years), but they’re pretty expensive. I found this less expensive alternative to see if we’d actually use an item like this. The brand I bought is not silicone, but a thick, BPA-free plastic that is freezer and dishwasher safe. I’ve used them for a variety of things now with much success: storing frozen fruit, containing hazelnuts in the pantry, and even transporting toiletries during travel. I like them so much that I’m considering ordering a few more sets so that I can make some freezer meals for when Baby #2 comes.


As much as I like the bags described above, I don’t trust that daycare would save them every day; we’ve had a few instances of their throwing away reusable containers. (I’m sure feeding 6-10 toddlers at once is chaos, so I get it). Accordingly, I’ve decided to use these Lunchskins (sealable, paper bags) for Caleb’s lunchbox. I was all set to order these on Amazon, but as it turns out, Target now sells them in stores. Yee-haw.

stainless steel straws

I’ve actually been using stainless steel straws for a long time now; they were an item on our wedding registry almost six years ago. I think they make a lot more practical sense than the trendy glass straws I’ve seen, particularly if you have kids in the house. They can be a pain to clean, but most sets these days come with a little brush to facilitate the process.

What other suggestions do you have for participating in Plastic-Free July?

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