pregnancy: weeks 20 & 21

Week 20: Somehow, I’ve made it to the halfway point–yikes! We’ve picked out a name and are trying to call our little dude by it when we talk about him. Another development is that we checked out a new Montessori daycare/school for the boys. Although we like Caleb’s current school, the teaching can be inconsistent in quality, and they’re closed for 5+ weeks out of the year, which obviously places a burden on us (and my mom, who ends up babysitting much of the time!). We’re still thinking it over, as it would mean a lot of change at once for Caleb.

Physically, I feel pretty normal other than the fact that I am for sure bigger at this point than I was at 20 weeks with Caleb (which is to be expected). Our Amazon subscription box finally came, so I started moisturizing the belly with this. I applied Eucerin pretty religiously the last time, but I’m apparently becoming more of a hippie the older I get, so I switched to an organic alternative. Hopefully it’s just as effective at keeping the stretch marks at bay!

Week 21: Right now, I’m struggling with wanting to do everything NOW. Generally, I’m anti-procrastination–I much prefer getting tasks done early. But sometimes, that attitude makes me grumpy when I can’t get everything done in one fell swoop. So as much as I want to have the nursery finished and ready to go TODAY, Seth has to remind me that we still have 4-ish months to find the perfect lamp and sort through baby clothes.

I also have a new pregnancy symptom to report: melasma. The dark freckles around my temples have returned. At first, I thought that maybe the added time in the sun at the beach a few weeks ago was to blame, but then I listened to a pregnancy podcast in which the hosts talked about melasma. Ah, yes. I remember now. This happened with Caleb too, but the spots faded a few months after giving birth without any intervention. This symptom doesn’t actually bother me much. I’m a fair Irish girl–I’m supposed to have a few freckles.

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