pregnancy: week 40

Much to my dismay, I am still pregnant at 40 weeks and 6 days. Of all the women in my immediate family (mom, myself, and two sisters, with a total of 10 pregnancies among us), no one has been pregnant this long! I’m just that lucky. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve cried more than once over the past few days due to a combination of frustration, boredom, and maybe a little hormonal imbalance.

I had my 40 week appointment, and it was full of surprises. First, I underwent a fetal non-stress test, which basically assesses the baby’s heart rate in accordance with its movements. Baby C was very active throughout the test, and his heart rate correlated just fine. My fundal height was still about 35, so my doctor ordered another ultrasound to check growth, positioning, and fluid levels. He’s still cozy as can be, with his head down and measuring about 7 pounds, 5 ounces (which is smaller than Caleb, who was just under eight pounds at birth). My cervix was still high and only 1 centimeter dilated. We scheduled an induction for 1/4/19, but I’m still praying that he will come on his own before then.

In the interim since that marathon doctor’s appointment, I’ve had a few bouts of contractions, and Baby C seems to have “dropped”…but he seems to be a stubborn little booger with no intention of evacuating on my timescale. He’s already showing signs of not being nearly as compliant as his older brother.

Until the next installment in The Neverending Pregnancy!

2 thoughts on “pregnancy: week 40

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