pregnancy: 41 weeks


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Well friends, despite trying pretty much every labor-inducing strategy in the book, from raspberry leaf tea to spicy foods to hours on the birthing ball, Baby C did not want to come into this world on his own. So, we checked into the hospital on the evening of Thursday, January 3rd for an induction. We welcomed Nathan Lee Cohen into the world on Friday, January 4th at 5:27 AM.

I’ll post the detailed birth story in the upcoming weeks, but for now I’ll just say that we are all happy and healthy. Caleb is simultaneously fascinated by and jealous of his new brother–I’m sure I’ll share more details on how that relationship is developing in future posts as well.

We’ve only known each other a few days, but I can already tell you that Nathan was certainly worth the wait!


You all know my love for collages and slideshows, so I’ve put together a gallery below demonstrating the bump progression from Week 8 to Week 41 of this pregnancy; you can click on each circle to enlarge the picture.


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