nathan at 2 months

We’re two months into this adventure called life with two kids. At this point, Nathan is precisely the opposite of his brother in every way!


We are headed to the pediatrician later today, but our baby scale at home indicates that Nathan is well over the 11-pound mark, just about two pounds above his weight at one month. I’ve been obsessively weighing him over the past few weeks because it was at the two-month appointment with Caleb that I was blind-sided with the news that he was not growing well. Nathan is still pretty lean for a baby (I’m still hoping for some adorable thigh rolls someday), but well within the healthy range and has a much better growth trajectory than his older brother did. He still comfortably fits into most 0-3 months size clothing.

Likes & Dislikes

This kid still really loves gazing at his own reflection, but now it’s not just limited to mirrors–he’ll also admire himself in just about any shiny surface, from car windows to a mercury glass lamp. He is still remarkably fond of Caleb, and I genuinely think the feeling is mutual. Can it please stay that way forever?! Nathan has also recently discovered his thumb and sucks on it at every opportunity. He still loathes the carseat but otherwise is a happy camper.

Eating & Sleeping

Eating has become much less stressful ever since we started Nathan on Zantac for acid reflux. The change was evident almost immediately after the first few doses. He does require three daily doses, as I’ve tried to skip the mid-day dose (per the pediatrician’s suggestion), and the angry cries returned. It’s apparent that he needed this medication, and I’m so glad he’s so much more comfortable now. He really doesn’t take bottles of pumped milk all that well, which concerns me for when he starts at daycare, but I suppose he’ll catch on pretty quickly. For now, I’m happy to oblige him with a nursing session whenever he wants. Until the last few nights, he consistently woke to feed about twice per night. However, the past few nights, he has gone longer stretches, including one 6-hour interval. I’m hopeful this trend continues. During the day, his naps are getting much more predictable (usually two long naps) such that I’m able to do the things I want/need to do (e.g., exercise!).

Other Quirks:

-Nathan enjoys a good party. We’ve had several birthdays and family gatherings in the past month, and he was so content and happy for all of them. I’m amazed because these events can be quite noisy and chaotic, and he’s completely comfortable with it all. How did I end up with such a chill child?

-Bath time is easy. Nathan is a very cooperative participant in bath time. He usually gets a soak in the sink while his brother showers, and let’s just say that Caleb is the more challenging child during that time…

-The smiles and coos have begun. Right around the 6-week mark, Nathan started the “social smiles” and recently has begun cooing and giggling. This is not really a quirk, just a normal development that is always so fun as a parent!

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