CSA: week 3

These CSA boxes seem to be coming fast these days…I feel like I’ve barely finished the last one before a new one is ready to pick up! I’m not complaining about an abundance of produce though. This week’s selection contains some pretty unusual items–I’ll definitely have to get creative!

  • baby spinach (I think?)
  • mixed salad greens
  • French breakfast radishes
  • strawberries
  • red candy apple spring onions
  • fava beans
  • parsley

These fava beans are the real conundrum of the box. I have no clue how to prepare them. Maybe make a salad out of the beans with some tomatoes and a vinaigrette?

More radishes this week, although this particular variety is new. I love the pretty shape! The name makes me think they’d be good roasted and served alongside some scrambled eggs.

These red spring onions are also quite pretty. I think I might roast these with a few other veggies as a simple side dish.

The greens, herbs, and strawberries are all easy enough to use, although I’m thinking it might be good to throw them all together in a salad with a little goat cheese.

I’ll be sure to include any winning recipes/dishes in my next TICAL post!

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