nathan at 8 months

Well the fact that I am a few days late in publishing this post should speak to the kind of month we’ve had…busy. Nathan keeps us all on our toes as he acquires new skills on the daily!


Nathan has had a few visits to doctors within the past week (for sick visits, unfortunately), and as a result I can tell you that his weight is between 18.5 and 19 pounds. That puts him almost at the 50th percentile for weight, which is a jump from his usual 25th percentile. I am delighted, of course. 9 months size clothing is pretty tight these days–I just took out the 12 months size clothing last night.

Likes & Dislikes

Nathan is still teething, so gumming any object in his path continues to be a favorite activity. He also loves anything with buttons, so he has a great ol’ time with the remote control and calculators. As for dislikes, I’ll go for simple again and say sitting still.

Eating & Sleeping

Nathan’s jump in weight this month is most likely due to his hearty appetite. He loves to eat! He’s pretty sensitive to temperature, so I have to be careful to serve things at about room temperature, but otherwise he is game to try anything I serve him. Many nights, he eats more than Caleb does at dinner.

To be frank, sleeping has been a bit of shit-show. After my last update, we actually had a few  nights when Nathan did not wake up at all during the night. It was bliss. However, as I alluded to above, Nathan has not been feeling well for the past week (most likely a combination of teething and a virus with sore throat), and all of our sleeping habits have suffered…a lot. I don’t ever remember Caleb fussing this much when he was sick, and he was sick far more often than Nathan has been. Woof. Send prayers our way that this kid shapes up gets well soon and lets us sleep.

Other Quirks:

-Nathan is getting even more mobile. He has been pulling up to stand on things for weeks now, and he’s very close to “cruising.” I guess I better get on that whole baby-proofing thing, because he’s getting fast!

-He gets in on the wrestling matches. Because Nathan is so mobile now, it’s hard to keep him out of the tussle with Seth and Caleb decide to have a little after-dinner wrestling match. He’s pretty fearless and will head straight into the chaos…he couldn’t possibly miss out on the fun.

-Lots of laughter but no words. I looked back at my 8-month post for Caleb, and apparently he was making “mamamama” sounds at this age (whether that was actually intended to be “mama” is up for debate). I have heard no such language from Nathan, but he laughs all the time. In fact, as I am typing this post, he’s laughing in Dexter’s face in hopes of getting him to play. (No luck yet).

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