nathan at 10 months

I felt guilty about being so late with Nathan’s last update that I made sure to have pictures taken on time this month! Here’s what our littlest dude is up to these days:



To be honest, I have nothing to report here. I haven’t weighed him since his doctor’s appointment last month. I’m far less anxious about his growth these days since he seems to be eating, drinking, and thriving. That’s all I can ask for, right? He’s still wearing 12-months size clothing.

Likes & Dislikes

Nathan has just recently discovered the joys of blocks. Loves them! He likes all kinds, but he really loves this particular set that his uncle gave to Caleb a few years ago that allows you to make monsters. (Pictured here) There’s this one piece with little “hairs” coming out that he must have played with for about 45 minutes straight on Saturday. He also continues to love to eat, but we’ll get to that below. As for dislikes, he hates any kind of wardrobe change, whether it be for a diaper or otherwise, which is problematic considering how often he gets poop/food/water from the dog bowl all over himself. He doesn’t tolerate the bouncy seat for long either, usually only for the amount of time it takes him to slurp down a bottle.

Eating & Sleeping

Everyone continues to be amazed at the amount of food Nathan can eat and yet remain such a slim baby. I think he’s just very active…energy flux is the key to weight maintenance, after all. I digress. He just tried cheesecake for the first time last night and loved it of course, but his favorites continue to be foods in the orange hues: sweet potatoes and all kinds of squash. He sleeps through the night most nights, although he occasionally wakes up at around 4am for just some cuddles…which I don’t deny him! Bedtime is usually between 7-8pm, which leaves an hour or so for Caleb to have some “only child time” with Seth and me in the evenings.

Other Quirks:

-Nathan continues to vocalize. He has moved on from “ghee” and now loves “ga,” “ya,” and occasionally “da.” Seth is convinced that means Nathan’s first word is “dada,” but he seems to say it randomly or only when imitating and not in association with Seth. So, I’m calling BS on that.

-Door-slamming is his new hobby. We’ve reached the point in babyhood when the kid just loves to make noise. He has a few preferred kitchen cabinets that he slams at any chance he gets, but he’s also done it with the door to his nursery. So, I’ll put him down to play with some blocks, walk to the bathroom, and he slams the door behind me. How rude!

-He’ll be transitioning at school soon. Daycare alerted us last week that they plan on moving him up to the next classroom by late November/early December, so he’ll be with a group of older babies/young toddlers soon. He’s the type of kid who will do anything to keep up with the group (serious FOMO), so it will be interesting to see how he develops this winter. I’m a little sad that the little baby phase is over!

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