nathan at 12 months

How can it possibly be that my little squish is already ONE?!


Nathan is scheduled to go in for his 12-month well visit on Monday, and I’m anticipating a significant increase in weight. My family and I have all noticed that he is filling out, with perfectly chubby cheeks (and thighs to match). He continues to stretch out his 12-month clothing because I’ve been too lazy to track down the 18 months size clothing from the attic (it’s on my to-do list…).

Likes & Dislikes

As I type this post, Nathan is currently being a menace to Seth and Caleb’s attempts to make LEGO vehicles, and quite honestly, that’s one of his favorite things to do. He’s quite a busybody and must know what everyone else is doing at all times! With Christmas last week, we also discovered that Nathan loves ripping paper, although he’ll settle for Kleenex in a pinch. Speaking of Kleenex, Nathan’s top dislike these days is having his nose wiped, which is a big problem when you produce eight tons of snot per day.

Eating & Sleeping

We’ve begun the transition to whole milk, and Nathan seems to like it just fine. He eats practically everything in the solid food department, although he does seem to get the same contact rash that Caleb did when eating tomatoes or anything with seasoned with cinnamon. Nathan is a good sleeper most of the time, although the main struggle right now is that he doesn’t like napping at school for fear of missing out! So we end up with a grumpy dude at the end of the day sometimes.

Other Quirks:

-He desperately wants to talk. Nathan has yet to utter any “real” words other than “mama” and “dada,” but he seems to be trying to replicate the sounds that we make. I don’t know what I’ll do if I end up with TWO chatter-box boys.

-Nathan can stand…and shuffle. Within the past week or so, he has started standing unassisted. He can also take a few tiny steps from that position, but he quickly loses his nerve and sits down. Hopefully he’ll gain the confidence to start walking soon!

-Bathtime is the best. Nathan thoroughly enjoys bathtime with his big brother. He splashes away, playing with toys, and doesn’t even flinch with Caleb dumps a jug full of water over his head. May he always be so jolly!

And as we end this chapter of babyhood, let’s take a look at how much my sweet Nay-Nay has grown!

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