building has begun

It’s been awhile since I mentioned our house-building plans because…there was nothing to report. We were in a frustrating phase of waiting our turn to break ground. However, as of late February, all the necessary permits for building our home have been issued, and the building process has officially begun! We had been warned by our designer Erin that things move pretty quickly once those permits are in hand, and she was absolutely correct. We received word from the builder’s real estate broker about the permit packet being ready on a Friday afternoon, and by Saturday afternoon, the foundation was in the process of being laid! From hereon out, I anticipate that Seth and I will be making lot visits as frequently as possible to monitor the progress on our home. It’s finally happening!

We just had our pre-construction meeting with our builder to discuss a tentative timeline. Weather permitting, framing is set to begin as soon as this afternoon (!). Once that process begins, our home is scheduled to be completed within 90 days…which means we could be moving in as soon as mid-June. We had anticipated an August or September move-in date, so this was a delightful surprise to us and our realtor. I know dates are always shifting in construction projects like this, but I’m hopeful that things will run according to plan. Fingers crossed that we sell our current home before then!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the progression from the end of January to the present:

January 24th, 2020: Nothing but some grass and building materials for the house next door.

February 23rd, 2020: The beginnings of a foundation. The very first sign of progress!

March 1st, 2020: The foundation has been poured…and lumber has arrived for framing.

I’m looking forward to seeing our home take shape. Let the adventure begin!

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