february in photos

Rabbit, rabbit–it’s the beginning of a new month! And that means that I have a cache of photos to share with you from Project 365. This project continues to be a challenge. The first half of this month was stressful for me, so the last thing I wanted to do was take a break with my camera to focus on joy. But, once I did, my mood brightened a little bit. I’m looking forward to spring and daylight savings time, both of which are much more conducive to pretty pictures than the gloom and doom of winter.

Here’s a look at a few of my favorite photos from February:

2.2.18 solo trip to WF

2.6.18 spaghetti sauce mustache

2.10.18 valentines in the making

2.14.18 so many roses!

2.15.18 just like daddy

2.17.18 xylophone jam session

2.22.18 important decisions

2.23.18 just a pretty bunch of radishes

2.25.18 learning our (water)colors

2.28.18 february crafts

As a reminder, you can see my daily photos on the Broccoli Hut Facebook page.

What brought you joy in February?

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