project 365 for 2018

Clearly, I have too much time on my hands these days–three posts within the span of two weeks?! I think the combination of leisure time and the new year has stimulated my interest in new, creative pursuits. I’ve decided to try completing a “photo-a-day” challenge. One of my favorite bloggers (Anne) completed what she called a Project 365 back in 2015; the goal was to take a photo of something that made her happy each day. Focusing on things that bring us joy seems like it would be beneficial for mental health, right? Plus, I like taking pictures with my actual camera (and not my phone), even though I’m not exactly a skilled photographer.

My plan is to post my photos here at least on a monthly basis. I’ll also share them on the Facebook page. Here’s hoping for a very happy 2018!

14 thoughts on “project 365 for 2018

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