march in photos

I’m a little late on posting March’s photos for Project 365, which is rather indicative of how this endeavor is going. I’ll be real here and say that there were a lot of days when I forgot to take a photo, so I had to play catch-up later on. Some days are just more “photogenic” than others, apparently. I will say that I can foresee there being many more photo opportunities as the weather warms up and we venture out to do fun things more often–I’m excitedly awaiting the return of the outdoor farmers’ market for this very reason! Anyway, here’s a look at a few favorites from March:

3.3.18 bundled up

3.5.18 just hangry

3.10.18 saturday at home

3.11.18 evelyn is 3!

3.12.18 sup?

3.16.18 giraffe for a day

3.24.18 tricycle training

3.26.18 daddy’s bday gift

3.29.18 hanging at the park

3.31.18 fancy eggs


As a reminder, you can see my daily photos on the Broccoli Hut Facebook page.

What brought you joy in March?

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