april in photos

As I type up this post, I can tell you with glee that the sun is shining, and it’s a lovely 80 degrees outside. Finally. More outdoor time is always a positive, but particularly when picture taking is involved. Here’s a look at my progress on Project 365 this month:

4.1.18 on the hunt

4.2.18 welcome, spring…maybe

4.3.18 sparkly jewels

4.7.18 practicing his signature

4.8.18 the prettiest slaw I ever saw

4.12.18 yogurt face

4.17.18 new book for a sunny day

4.22.18 safety first

4.24.18 sandal season

4.28.18 opie’s joy

Check out the rest on the B-Hut Facebook page.

What brought you joy in April?

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