pregnancy: weeks 24 & 25

Week 24: Once again, this week was a busy one at work/school, so I don’t have much to report. Reaching the 24-week mark always seems somewhat significant though, as that’s the point that the baby might be viable if born now. But obviously, we would all much prefer that Baby C stays put for at least three more months! The only symptoms to report are an itchy belly due to skin-stretching and the persistent feeling that I am gigantic compared to this point in my last pregnancy. Both observations are making me grumpy.

Week 25: Sorry to bore you, but there’s not much notable about this week either. All I can say is that it’s getting more difficult to find a comfortable position for lounging–I have to re-adjust about six times during the course of a 30-minute TV show. I also had a stranger yell at me yesterday from about 20 yards away, “So is it a boy or a girl?” I guess I look very pregnant even from a distance! Maybe I’ve already got a bit of the telltale waddle going on.

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