pregnancy: weeks 34 &35

Week 34: OK, I think I’m entering the uncomfortably large stage of pregnancy. Sitting in a chair has ceased to be comfortable; I much prefer to be reclined on the couch or our bed these days. The trouble is, my entitled toddler often somehow takes up the entire couch, which irks me…a lot. Did I mention that I’m a little irritable these days?

I’ve been craving apples like crazy this week, but that could just be due to the Thanksgiving holiday (apple crisp, anyone?). Baby C has also started to have noticeable bouts of the hiccups. Caleb had them ALL the time in utero, but I have just noticed them recently with this kiddo. Seth got to feel them the other night in bed and expressed his sympathy for the weird annoyances of pregnancy. The hiccups seemed to be coming from the bottom of my belly, which gives me hope that maybe Baby C has turned head down…

Week 35: The main event this week was my dissertation defense–I passed! Although I still have some changes to make to my dissertation before it’s totally “official,” I can say that I completed my PhD. Presenting my talk at eight months pregnant was not exactly a treat–Baby C is pressing up on my lungs these days, which made me a little breathless, and I had to sit down after about an hour of standing. BUT, it’s over, and I’m so glad!

In other news, we put up our Christmas tree a few days ago. We usually store the ornament boxes, etc. in our spare bedroom until the New Year rather than return everything to the garage. But Seth and I had the scary realization that–gasp–we will (most likely) have a newborn occupying that bedroom before the New Year arrives! He’ll be here so soon!

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