pregnancy: weeks 32 & 33

Week 32: Feeling large and nervous. Large because, well, look at me. And nervous because my dissertation defense looms in the near future. Trying to self-soothe both issues by reminding myself 1) that pregnancy and its associated weight gain are temporary, and 2) that I’m ready to graduate. Why did I think that defending just weeks before my due date was a good idea again?

Week 33: I’m making myself feel less anxious by crossing things off my to-do list. Seth and I have decided to bank Baby C’s cord tissue and blood, as we have had need for stem cell treatments in the family within the past year. So I finally enrolled for that process, and the collection kit is on its way. We also sorted through all the “baby” toys in our basement and donated the extras (how did we end up with THREE stacking ring toys?!). Oh, and in the midst of all this, I sent my completed dissertation to my committee, so there’s that.

I had another routine visit to the OB this week. I’m still measuring small (about 2-3 weeks behind), but my doctor explained that in training they were taught not to get too concerned (i.e., order an ultrasound to check on baby’s growth) until the mother measures 4 weeks behind. Plus, she knows that I measured small last time and ended up with an almost 8-pound baby. Nonetheless, she scheduled an ultrasound for my next visit, which will allow us to see baby’s position too. Otherwise, everything is normal, and she wished me luck on my defense!

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