december in photos

Happy New Year, all! The end of 2018 marks the end of my Project 365, so I have one last installment of photos to share with you. This project was a great way to focus on joy and appreciate the simple things in life, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an annoying chore on my to-do list sometimes. I think it would have been less taxing had I been willing to “allow” iPhone photos in the photostream; insisting on photos from my camera made the whole endeavor just a bit more inconvenient. Ah, the nuisances of perfectionism–I know them well. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from December:

12.2.18 holiday parade

12.6.18 simultaneous addressing of holiday cards and birthday invites

12.8.18 santa fail

12.9.18 seeing “Dr. Cohen” in writing…and it’s not referring to Seth

12.12.18 awaiting the amaryllis

12.20.18 a very plaid christmas

12.22.18 dinosaur cookies for santa

12.24.18 annual bday breakfast at the pancake house

12.26.18 in the doghouse

12.28.18 mommy likes the lite-brite too

What brought you joy in December?

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