nathan at 3 months

My sweet little lambchop is 3 months old! Nathan started at daycare earlier this week, and he’s adjusting beautifully. I wish I could say the same for me…


Nathan continues to grow, particularly in length–he’s too long for many of his 0-3 month size onesies. I’m a little concerned that his weight gain has slowed a bit, so I’m working hard to nurse him as often as possible. I’ll keep monitoring his weight before deciding whether supplementation might be necessary.

Likes & Dislikes

Nathan’s (ha! I just typed Caleb’s) favorite pastime these days is definitely ROLLING. Yes, this kid started rolling over at about 10 weeks. That seems early to me, so now I’m paranoid that we’re going to have a crawler on our hands any day now. I often place Nathan on the floor on his back to hang out, and he typically rolls over to his stomach immediately, props himself up on his elbows and searches the scene for another one of his “likes”–his older brother! He is still completely fascinated by Caleb, smiling and cooing as soon as he sees him. It’s as adorable as it sounds. The only “dislike” I can think of is the Rock ‘n Play. This contraption was magical with Caleb–he loved it from day one. But, try as we may, (even purchasing a new, fancier version) Nathan does not like the Rock ‘n Play. Oh, well. Maybe our next child will like the TWO that we now have in our house.

Eating & Sleeping

Eating continues to be relatively low-stress for mama and baby. Nathan still takes Zantac for acid reflux, but I have weaned him down to two doses in preparation for daycare. (Otherwise, I would personally have to come to the daycare facility to give him the mid-day dose). Nathan has had bottles only occasionally up until this point, so I’m a little nervous about the transition to bottles at daycare for a couple reasons, specifically 1) how it will impact his weight and 2) whether it will make him prefer bottles over the boob (as it did for Caleb and hence required me to exclusively pump from 4 months on). As I mentioned above, I would like Nathan to gain weight a little faster, so we may incorporate some formula if needed. As for sleeping, we’re in a good groove. Nathan consistently sleeps for about a 6- to 7-hour stretch at night, waking to nurse at about 3 or 4 AM each night. I’m still getting enough sleep, and I get a little extra cuddle time with my buddy…so I don’t mind at all.

Other Quirks:

-Nathan is a content observer. Upon entering new situations, Nathan’s modus operandi is to sit quietly with eyes wide, taking in the sounds and sights. According to his teachers, this is how he has spent the entirety of his first few days at daycare. Oh, the wonders of the world!

-He has a weird hair situation going on. Since birth, it doesn’t seem like Nathan’s hair has grown much…except for this one piece in the back that my family affectionately calls “the rat tail.” It’s a little unfortunate, but I’m hoping things will even out as he gets older, ha!

-The “grabby” phase has begun. Within the past few weeks, Nathan has just started to grasp for the toys that we present to him, particularly rattles. But by far, his most favorite thing to grab is my hair. Ouch.

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