CSA: week 2

I’m back to share another CSA haul. This week’s box not only contained seemingly more produce, but a more interesting mix of items too.

  • mixed salad greens
  • “white russian” kale
  • baby hakurei turnips
  • strawberries
  • leeks
  • rosemary
  • carrots

Leafy greens are always welcome in this house! The salad greens will likely be put to use for one of my workday lunches. As for the kale, I’ve never tried this particular variety–I might have to taste test to determine how I’ll use it. I’ve recently become quite fond of this kale pesto recipe, so that might be on the menu in the next few days.

I’m a little stumped by turnips. I think I’ve only used them in stews in the past, but these turnip fries sound pretty tasty.

Again, fresh rosemary is not something I cook with often, but it smells fantastic–I keep squeezing it to get a bit of the oil on my hands. (Periodic herb-squeezing is totally normal, right?) Anyway, I was thinking it was might be a good way to season some chicken drumsticks I have in the freezer.

The leeks are a repeat from last week, which I don’t mind. This time, I’m going to try mixing them in with some cauliflower mash (perhaps with some leftover Easter ham, if we’re lucky).

The strawberries are also a repeat item. I didn’t get a chance to try the strawberries + coconut whipped cream combination yet, because according to my internet research, Trader Joe’s coconut milk (the brand I have on hand) is not good for this purpose. I’m going to pick up a different brand this week and give it a go.

And those ugly little carrots will be my go-to snack item for the week (with hummus and/or peanut butter).

As always, leave any recipe suggestions in the comments!

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