CSA: week 4

Happy Friday! Just popping in quickly to share another CSA haul. I must have been in a rush when I took the photo below, as it’s a little blurry. Nonetheless, you get the idea of what we received in our box this week:

  • chives
  • lacinato kale
  • salad greens
  • strawberries
  • yellow spring onions
  • hakurei turnips

Most of these items are repeats, although technically this is a different variety of kale this time. Isn’t it pretty?! I’ll be using that as a side dish for walnut-crusted chicken next week, probably just sauteed with some garlic.

I’m thinking that the chives and spring onions will be tasty mixed into scrambled eggs.

The turnips continue to flummox me. I tried making turnip “fries” the last time we had them in our box, but they were a bit small to cut into a true fry-like shape, and a certain pair of hungry boys just couldn’t wait for dinner long enough for them to get crispy. This time I might just prepare them like I do mashed cauliflower–steamed and pureed with butter/salt.

As for the salad greens, they’re already gone! I made big entree salads for dinner last night, and eating greens that were *just* picked really is the best. So fresh and wonderful.

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