CSA: week 6

I’m a little delayed in posting this week’s CSA haul, as we were out of town Friday through Sunday for a family wedding. Now we’ve got loads of veggies to eat before the next pickup on Thursday! It’s a nice problem to have.

  • yellow spring onions
  • salad greens
  • beets
  • rainbow chard
  • strawberries
  • dill
  • lettuce

The real star of this box for me is the beets. My love for these little jewels runs deep! I’ve already roasted the roots and plan on using them in my salads all week with chicken, balsamic, and walnuts. AND, because the greens were included too, I think I’ll throw them into scrambled eggs later this week. Just like the roots, the greens are full of nutrition. In particular, they’re full of magnesium, which I’m increasingly interested in emphasizing in my diet (this free webinar explains a few reasons!).

I got a double bundle of chard in this box, courtesy of the “swap station” at our pickup location. Fava beans were included again in this week’s box, and I’ve decided that they’re just not a favorite of mine or any else’s in the family, so I switched out our portion of the fava beans for an extra bundle of chard. I plan on sauteeing the chard and serving as a side to my beloved meatloaf (described here).

We already used some of the head lettuce for our dinner this evening–mahi mahi tacos. I’m liking these uber-fresh greens so much that I might try growing my own.

The dill is likely destined for a tuna salad that I’m making on Thursday. Fresh herbs are clutch for livening up pantry staples, in my opinion.

How would you use the items in this week’s box?

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