CSA: week 5

I’m back with another CSA haul for you. Most of the items should look pretty familiar by now…

  • salad greens
  • red leaf lettuce (?)
  • strawberries
  • yellow spring onions
  • collards
  • fava beans
  • carrots
  • cilantro

The only new item this week is collard greens. I happen to have just had some delicious collards at Jim ‘N Nick’s last weekend, so I plan on re-creating those sometime this week. #southernstaple

Other ideas for the veggies in this week’s box include roasting up those carrots as a side dish for dinner, and using the cilantro for fajita salads that I plan on taking to work this week.

The fava beans are a bit of a challenge because they’re a bit tedious to prepare. The last time we got them, I tossed them in a salad with Asian flavors (i.e. Thai peanut dressing), as I would use edamame.  Meh. Recipe ideas are more than welcome!

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