CSA: week 9

Lots of interesting things in this week’s haul of veggies. It seems like the deeper we get into the season, the more produce we get in each box, which obviously makes me exceedingly happy. Here’s what we have to work with this week:

  • spring onions
  • golden beets
  • napa cabbage
  • kohlrabi
  • salad greens
  • squash
  • cucumber
  • tomatoes

The item of the week for me is definitely the kohlrabi, just because it’s new to me. According to the weekly CSA newsletter, the name literally translates to “cabbage turnip.” It can be eaten raw or cooked, but I am thinking of using it raw to retain the natural sweetness. My plan is to use it along with the napa cabbage (and maybe some carrots) to make an Asian-inspired slaw with peanut dressing.

The pretty purple-y tomatoes are getting me giddy for tomato season. Chances are I’ll end up eating these guys straight, just sliced and sprinkled with salt. Caleb likes tomatoes almost as much as I do, so I might share with him (if he’s nice).

The golden beets are equally gorgeous, but I’m not sure how I’ll use them. I think I have some goat cheese lurking in the fridge, so I’m thinking they might end up in a dish together.

The squash is a repeat, but I’m not mad about it, because the squash in past boxes was SO good, particularly the patty pan variety. Although Seth can’t stomach raw squash, I personally love it as a dipper for hummus.

Overall, I’m excited about this box, although I’m pretty tired of those dang spring onions!

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