CSA: week 10

I’m back with one of the last few CSA hauls…I think. We purchased only a “spring share,” which is 11 weeks, slated to end next week. I did send an e-mail about continuing our share for the full season (ending just before Thanksgiving), but I haven’t heard back yet. Obviously, I’ve loved getting a box full of surprise produce every week! Here’s what was in box #10:

  • carrots
  • salad greens
  • cabbage
  • basil
  • tomatoes
  • spring onions
  • squash
  • cucumber

I’m eager to try the tomatoes. Technically, we had a few in last week’s box, but I didn’t get around to eating them until they were already too soft and mushy. Bummer. The plan is still to eat them straight up with salt.

The basil is the only new item this week. I’ve decided to use it to make pesto. This portion of basil probably isn’t adequate for the amount I want to make, so I’ll probably steal some extra from my dad’s garden–he has quite an abundance of regular sweet basil and Thai basil.

The cucumbers have been quite good over the past few weeks; we (OK, really just I) have been eating them plain with hummus. I have gazpacho on my meal plan this week, so I’m finally going to get around to using them in that. Those blasted spring onions are destined for that dish too.

I got some teasing for my cabbage enthusiasm the last time it was in a CSA haul, so I’ll try to contain myself this time. I’m going old school and using it in a cole slaw this weekend.

Everything else will disappear rapidly, I’m sure–this fam loves carrots and salad greens.

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