november 2019 books

I managed to read only one book this month…just couldn’t get into a good routine for reading in November. Here’s my one, lonely review, nonetheless.

Couples that Work: How Dual-Career Couples Can Thrive in Love and Work by Jennifer Petriglieri

Since beginning my job back in April, Seth and I have come to realize that balancing two careers is a little different from balancing one career and one graduate student lifestyle. (Admittedly, we also added another kid in the mix around the same time as well). So when I read about this book on Sarah’s blog, I was intrigued. The author is an academic who has devoted much of her career to studying couples of all types, along with the dynamics that either destroy them or help them thrive (or something in between). The book focuses on three essential questions that couples face throughout their various life stages: How can we make this work? What do we really want? Who are we now? Petriglieri provides very applicable and helpful strategies for couples navigating each of these phases. To be honest, my biggest takeaway from this book is that career decisions in a couple are not expected to be worked out organically; they take careful consideration and communication, regardless of the how “strong” your relationship is otherwise. I think Seth and I have both been in school for so much of our lives, that we have kind of had to tackle the first two questions simultaneously: how can we make two careers in research/academia work?, and is this really the life we both envisioned during all those years of graduate school? I gained some valuable insight into how to handle these questions by reading this book. I would recommend it to people entering a long-term relationship, but really it has resources for couples who have been married for many years as well.

4/5 stars.

What did you read in November?

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