still building

It’s been almost 4 weeks since the frame walk, and it seems like progress on our new house is a little slower lately…but building still continues. Right now, we’re in the boring but very necessary phase of dry wall + sheet rock inside, and exterior trim. Fun stuff is in store soon, however–cabinets, tile, and flooring have been ordered!

Here are a few shots of how the house has progressed since the beginning of April:

April 5th, 2020: The exterior is all wrapped up, the roof is done, and we’ve got (some) windows and doors! The dog door and large window pictured below will lead out to a covered and screened patio.

April 12th, 2020: We have a front door now (which will be painted a different color before move-in), and they’ve started on the brick. Having something that more closely resembles walls really gives a sense of space in all the rooms.

April 19th, 2020: Just more brick…

April 26th, 2020: The brick is almost done, and exterior trim is closer to completion. The brick will be painted this week, in Sherwin Williams Shoji White. Interior walls are also being prepared for paint.

As of last Friday, the first families in this development have already closed and moved in, so this is all becoming a bit more real. I’m looking forward to seeing our design decisions come to life in the next month or two. To be continued!

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