becoming a home

Since my last post, we’ve had an exciting new development–we finally sold our house! Well, I should say, we are under contract, with a rapidly approaching closing date. It’ll be a done deal on June 22nd, which is certainly before our new house will be finished. However, we decided it was well worth it to be without a home for a few weeks in order to have our current house sold! In the interim, my parents have graciously offered to let us–all four of us humans, plus two dogs, and a cat–live with them. It’ll be an adventure. Here’s hoping Mom and Dad don’t  hate us by day three.

As for the progress on our new home, things are falling into place quickly. We’ve got countertops, plumbing fixtures, and a few appliances. Tomorrow, we will attend a neighborhood event (with Steel City Pops!) so hopefully we get to know some of the families in our future community. It’s finally becoming a home 🙂

Here are some photos on some of the big changes happening:

June 7th, 2020: The main updates this week were floors and countertops. I also took a closer look at the kitchen cabinets to check out the specialty storage features, including a pots + pans drawer, plus a pull-out trash bin. The gray cabinets with marble-looking quartz are in the master bathroom, whereas the the “snow” colored quartz is the kids’ bathroom. The last photo is of the hardwoods that are in the main living areas throughout the home (but not bathrooms or bedrooms).

June 13th, 2020: The plumber came! We finally have sinks, toilets, and faucets. The hardware for all our cabinetry appeared too, and I lurve it–warm and subtle brass/gold, not too bright and yellow. I know that’s a weird thing to fixate on, but it’s the little things like that that make it feel more finished. Our appliances have arrived as well, although I’m not sure they’re functional just yet, as there’s still no electricity in the house. The hearth in the family room has been built, but it will ultimately be painted white before we move in.

The next big step is electrical work, which is scheduled to begin this coming week (June 15th). We have been verbally guaranteed that we will close no later than July 31st, and the best estimate for closing is early to mid-July. We are obviously very excited to have the finish line so close!

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