july in photos

Another month over, and I’m not sad about it. I say this every August, but I am more than ready for summer to be over! Anyway, July included some pretty great milestones, including Caleb’s first ever trip to the beach (technically, the Gulf). My favorite moments from this month in Project 365 are below…

7.3.18 banana pancakes in the making.

7.4.18 sneakin a smooch during fireworks.

7.5.18 roasting hazelnuts.

7.9.18 when the thrift store has a half-off sale…

7.10.18 my first cheesecake turned out…rustic.

7.20.18 where did my baby go?

7.23.18 stress coloring.

7.25.18 cousins.

7.26.18 successful seashell hunt.

7.27.18 mini-golf pro.

What brought you joy in July?

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