august in photos

I feel like I just wrote my “july in photos” post, but here we are. It continues to be hellishly hot around here, and I’m feeling very pregnant, but August was host to some good food and a few celebrations with the fam. Check out my top ten from month 8 of Project 365 below:

8.4.18 view from my writing spot

8.6.18 first day of school

8.12.18 the kid’s a watercolor enthusiast

8.15.18 paleo chicken curry

8.18.18 6-year-old’s bday aftermath

8.19.18 chase me, chase me

8.20.18 overtrusted that pan flip

8.22.18 dinner for two.

8.24.18 pipe cleaner fun, again

8.27.18 fudgesicle aftermath

What brought you joy in August?

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