september in photos

It’s a new month, so I’ve got another batch of photos to share. I’ll be honest and say that this Project 365 wasn’t a big priority this month, with dissertation writing occupying most of my thoughts these days. Still, I did pause to appreciate a few moments of happiness in September:

9.4.18 just a particularly tasty breakfast

9.5.18 boys by the fire

9.11.18 happy little chihuahua skeletons

9.16.18 the world’s greatest

9.18.18 everything in its place

9.19.18 learning to cut pineapple requires protection, obviously

9.21.18 busting out the pumpkins

9.26.18 so basic

9.27.18 less than 100 days to go!

9.30.18 giant pumpkin @ Leaf & Petal

What brought you joy in September?

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