october in photos

Every year, October seems to mark the beginning of “festive” activities, even though Halloween is not considered part of the traditional holiday season. Anyway, with said festivity in the air, I found there were many more photo-taking opportunities for my Project 365 this month. My favorite moments from October were decidedly pumpkin-themed:

10.4.18 bathtub rave

10.7.18 sometimes i think toy story is real

10.12.18 ready to be carved

10.13.18 stroll through the garden shop

10.15.18 every. damn. day.

10.16.18 halloween treats from nonnie and pa

10.18.18 my husband knows what i like

10.26.18 learning about pomegranates

10.28.18 afternoon at railroad park

10.31.18 happy little candy corn

What brought you joy in October?

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