november in photos

November was a busy month for us! We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving at home, and got a head start on Christmas festivities. I also completed my PhD somewhere along the way too. There were lots of fun things to take pictures of as a result! Here are a few of my favorites from this month’s installment of Project 365.

11.4.18 giraffe whisperer

11.6.18 voted with my sidekick

11.7.18 lego christmas tree

11.9.18 in the holiday mood

11.15.18 so, when can we make a snowman?

11.17.18 wall of legos

11.18.18 cousin crew

11.19.18 i’m just proud of my egg placement here

11.23.18 and so it begins

11.29.18 how caleb re-arranged the nativity

What brought you joy in November?

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