pregnancy: weeks 36 & 37

Week 36: Although I’m a little uncomfortable these days, being this pregnant has its perks. The other day I was struggling with a package at the UPS Store, and I guess I looked pitiful enough that a nice lady helped me get the bulky item out of my car and into the store. Hazaa for the kindess of strangers!

I also went to the doctor on Thursday. My blood pressure and weight are still right where they should be, and my fundal height even bumped up to 35, which is good…but also meant no ultrasound after all. The nurse also surprised me with the Group B strep test. For the record, I don’t consider that a happy surprise. I expressed concern about Baby C’s positioning again, and my OB said she would try to tell next visit by checking my cervix. If he’s breech, I know a C-section is not the end of the world, but I’d really, really like to avoid that if at all possible.

Week 37: Yay for making it to term! I have finished up most of my duties at school/work (including turning in my finalized dissertation!), so I am now turning my attention to Christmas and baby preparations. I’ve started having leg cramps several times per day, but I’ve been kinda slacking on taking my Natural Calm magnesium supplement every night, so that could be an easy fix. Otherwise, I feel good–I’m getting plenty of sleep, and I’m still exercising each morning.

This week’s doctor’s appointment was pretty eventful (in a totally not concerning way). My strep B test came back negative, and my blood pressure is holding steady at exactly 116/62 (it’s literally been the same for 4 weeks now). My OB checked my cervix, and it’s not at all dilated…whomp, whomp. But, because I was measuring small again, and she couldn’t determine position, she ordered an ultrasound. Baby C is measuring just fine–already at 6 lbs, 7 oz! Most importantly, he is head down with his feet tucked up near the left side of my ribcage. We discussed induction briefly, and I’m not ready to commit to that yet. I’m technically allowed to schedule an induction any time after 12/21 (at 39 weeks), but I’m thinking I’d like to let the little dude at least have until his due date before I evict him.

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